Why One of the Best Summers of My Life was Spent in an Office Downtown

With the commencement of my 3L year on the horizon, I am finally able to envision the end of law school. Of course, then comes the bar exam, but at least the gauntlet of cold calling professors, memos and gunners will be behind me. More immediately however, my last (hopefully) summer break must come to an end. Being the type that prefers to stay busy, having a summer break again was one thing I was dreading about going to law school. Nothing sounded worse than the possibility of having Summer off, even if just for a couple weeks. Then law school started and I found there was something worse. All I could think about was some time off with nothing to do but lie on the couch and read a book that I wanted to read. I managed to fill my first law school Summer’s time by taking Summer classes. Shortly after summer exams, I started my clerkship with Memphis Divorce and Family Law Attorneys Larry Rice and Nick Rice.

Clerking on the Rice Divorce Team has made this summer one of the best and most rewarding times of my life (though I’m still looking forward to being done with summer breaks). With no classes or professors demanding attention, I have been able to become more involved in the ongoing cases handled by the team. Having more opportunities to review files, draft pleadings and prepare exhibits has provided tangible evidence of the skills I have learned over the last year. As a result of Larry Rice’s patience and desire to teach, the time it takes me to do legal tasks has lessened, the quality of my work has improved and my understanding of family law practice is growing at an exponential rate.

As this summer comes to an end, I am thankful to still have two more semesters of law school left. Not because I enjoy law school (find a practicing attorney that truly did), but because there is still much for me to learn from Larry, Nick and the rest of the Rice Divorce Team.our posts.

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