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Representing Clients Before Federal Agencies and in Immigration Courts

There are several federal agencies involved in administration and enforcement of the immigration law.  In the United States consulate abroad, or at the passport control counter in the airport, or at a local immigration office, you will encounter people wearing different uniforms (or plain clothes) who share one common attribute: they are all immigration agents of the United States government.  Their functions are regulated by several sets of very complicated procedural and substantive rules.


Your best and, possibly, only guide in the jungle of immigration proceedings is an experienced immigration attorney.  We never leave our clients one-on-one with immigration officials.  We never ask our clients to complete on their own immigration forms that will later be filed with various agencies.  Every step of your case will be handled by your attorney.  If you or your loved one are detained, an attorney will schedule a confidential attorney-client conference call or will visit you at the detention center in person.  While your case is pending, you will always have direct access to your attorney.  We will take you through the entire process, from preparing the initial application package to the final interview, and handle all communication with immigration and consular authorities.  We can represent our clients before federal agencies and immigration courts anywhere in the United States and in the world.

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